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Haven’t forgotten

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Really, I haven’t forgotten about blogging…it’s just been getting busier and busier during daytime hours and I still don’t have Internet access at home. Good news, though, I moved into my own apartment over the weekend. It was a lot of work between painting, cleaning, unpacking the cube, and unpacking into the apartment. But it’s all been worth it! A note to all of you who’re planning a big move: if you can take your kitchen food staples with you, do it! The worst part of the whole move has been rebuying all of those standard kitchen things like flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, etc. Oy!

My apartment is providing a little bit of entertainment as well. I didn’t realize it at first, but I have a little atrium in my bedroom window! It’s a basement window and vines and other plants have spilled into it along with some little critters…most notably two little frogs that like to peer in the windows. Such cuties! Look for pictures in a future posting.

Gotta run but will post more tomorrow – hopefully a slower day!


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