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Bad girl…but here are pictures

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So I’ve been a bit lax in writing here – sorry! – life and work are finally kicking up and I’m finding it harder to squeeze in time to put my thoughts down on digital paper. But here goes…a bunch of new pictures and little descripts. Enjoy!

My dear friend Janelle painting my bedroom wall. Awww…

My two slimy friends…Kermit One and Kermit Two. Ribbitt!

You can barely see it (but it’s there)…the waterfall and Issaquah Creek in my backyard. Pretty, eh?

A sweet little flower in my backyard.

And a few sun-loving white flowers in my backyard that open only when the sun is shining on them. Note a tiny glimpse of the waterfall poking through the trees in the background! (Aunt TT, these are the flowers I was describing to you.)


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