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Not too much to share from the past two days aside from shooting hoops last night. Ok, so I was really just overseeing one of those little hot shot basketball games at ECA’s Fall Festival and was passing out candy to all the little dressed up kidos, but it was still fun. The best costume I saw? My friend’s oldest daughter (she’s 7 or 8) dressed up as her mother…in all black with a little tech headset. What was she? A producer. How great is that?! Am I showing my geeky side? Wait. Don’t answer that.

Otherwise, I took a friend’s advice and joined a couple groups on Meetup.com. Pretty cool site where I can hopefully get to know some new people outside of the circle of people I’m meeting. The best group I’ve found so far is New Yorkers in Seattle. Finally, someone who genuinely shares my longing for real bagels and good pizza. 🙂

Oh, my Verizon phone (the 203-xxx-xxxx CT number) is going out of service on Saturday. Drop me an email or comment if you’re looking for my new 425-xxx-xxxx WA number. That’s it for now. Later!


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