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When I lived in the Tri-state area I was rarely surprised by the unusual things I saw – Superman walking down the street in Port Chester, crazy clothes, funky hair, weird people in general. But it’s so less common here that when someone stands out from the crowd, good or bad, I’m usually really tickled. Take for example a fellow I saw today. I was on a little shopping adventure with a friend in Covington and as we were pulling out of the parking lot a little old man (definitely in his 70s or 80s) whizzes past us on a little scooter. I’m not talking about a Vespa or a motorcycle, but a scooter with a seat. What a thing to see!

That’s about it…enjoying another beautiful day in the Northwest. Here’s a picture of yesterday’s sunset through the trees. Can you see the purple clouds along with the orange ones? I know…totally hard to see it but trust me, it was gorgeous!


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