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Don’t cry for me…

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I am constantly amazed by the strange little things in life. For example, I needed to go to the grocery store today after work to pick up groceris (surprise!). What song do I hear over the speaker system? “Don’t Cry for me Argentina.” How random! What’s worse is that I found myself softly singing along while walking down the cereal aisle. Thank goodness for the kind guy restocking the shelves who didn’t give me a strange look and only said “hello.” I love the kind Washingtonians!

My other observation this week: if you let your imagination run a bit you could come to the conclusion that the mountains in Issaquah are bullying the clouds. Let your mind run on this one. The church is up on a plateau and as you drive down into Issaquah, you’re coming down to a stores and homes nestled between three mountains (Tiger, Skwak and Cougar). On a foggy day you get a really cool sight of the clouds trapped between the mountains and just kind of sitting there kind of bubbling on top of themselves trying to escape. Very cool. Can you see it? No? Ok, I’ll try to take a picture the next time. 🙂

Oh! Exciting news on the new church property…we poured the first bit of concrete yesterday!

The artsy shot (above) and the better view (right).

“The guys” surveying the basement of the future building.


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