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I’m here! I’ve meant to post for the past few days but just haven’t found the time to logon and get my thoughts down. So here it is.

It was a fantastic weekend! Friday night was rehearsal for The Gospel According to Scrooge. But this wasn’t any regular rehearsal. This one we had at an off-site gymnastics studio. Imagine this: a sea of adults and teens stepping onto a bouncy gymnastics floor and instantly jumping, jumping, jumping. What a sight! And we have this doll that we’re using as the baby Tiny Tim that looks ridiculously like a real baby that it’s eerie. It’s heavy and has cute little eyelashes and life-like eyes. Crazy!

Saturday night was cool too. I went into Seattle with Marianne and we got last-minute tickets to the Pacific Northwest Ballet. A great show! We saw Agon (a Balanchine classic), Kiss (an aerial pas de duex), Caught (a David Parsons’ piece using a strobe light), and In the Upper Room (an interesting Twyla Tharp piece). Insane seats in the second row but definitely not as good as you’d think. For one, my view was partially blocked by the head of the woman sitting in front of me. Secondly, the cool strobe light piece was nearly impossible to actually see because we were so close to the lights. It’s as if all we saw was light and not enough distance between us and the dancer for our eyes to focus on what the light was reflecting off of. At any rate, it was still fun!


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