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couldn’t sleep

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I woke up about half an hour ago because I couldn’t sleep — actually I woke up thinking about this organizational chart I’ve worked on all week and remembered that there was one more thing that needed to be changed before we could roll with it this weekend. And yes, I tried to just go back to sleep, thinking I’d do it in the morning. No luck. Geez…

At any rate, after I did everything I needed I still wasn’t tired and decided to check my email. There was an interesting letter from United and Northwest to all of their customers, as well as to Jet Blue, Continental, US Air, Southwest, Alaska, among many others. It seems that they are just as fed up with the escalating oil prices as we consumers are and decided to take some action. They’ve created a site, www.stopoilspeculationnow.com, which empowers you to plug in your zip code and send an email to your Congressmen asking them to do something. I thought it was great timing, seeing as my parents and I were looking at flights for Christmas (with the prices you have to plan that far ahead) and the norm from Seattle to Fargo was $700+. By comparison, last year it was less than $400.

We’ve all noticed the difference at the pumps. Let’s stop sitting back and complaining and start acting!


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