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I can’t lose weight.” That’s what I thought my entire adult life.

A year ago most people wouldn’t have described me as overweight – I didn’t think I was overweight – but I’d always dreamed of being a smaller size. I didn’t want to slim down to look great in a dress or pair of jeans; I wanted to lose weight so that I felt better and more confident about myself. As a dancer, I had always been active growing up. After college I continued dancing but also joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and worked out regularly. I didn’t see results.

It was after I joined 24 Hour Fitness and decided to give personal training another chance that I started to see results. The combination of training one to two times per week with Christina, tracking my food on Apex and committing myself to giving it my all made all the difference. With encouragement and education from Christina about nutrition, what my body needs to succeed and how to make my workouts as impactful as possible, I started to see the pounds drop off.

Three months into my training I noticed a difference in the way my cloths fit and how I felt. Nearly a year after being my heaviest, I’ve lost 40 pounds, have a great education in physical fitness and feel great about myself.



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