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No More Contacts. Ever.

Three months ago I went through a major life change – I had LASIK surgery! No more glasses; no more contacts; no more waking up in a blurry world. It was an instant change and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

A dear friend of mine was my chauffeur on the big day – picking me up at home, driving me to the doctor, and driving me home again after the surgery. She was treated to quite the experience on the way home as I took in the world with my new vision. Here’s her text to our church staff with a report on how everything went:

“Just picked up this girl with new vision!! She is doing great!! Best quote so far which she wanted to yell out my car window but showed restrain, “My life has been changed!” By the way, Heather under the influence of Valium….is very chatty Cathy….I promise not to divulge all the secrets:) glad I got to be a part of her exciting transformation moment today!!”

Every single word of what she wrote is true! I practiced great restraint in not yelling out the window, but did talk non-stop the entire drive home about the surgery, details I could now see, and how I felt about it all. To this day I can say that my life has absolutely been changed. It’s more than just having clear vision or seeing detail that I didn’t realize existed. It’s more than not having to deal with contact solution or stubbing my toe walking across the room at night. It’s about a total life transformation that is greater than I ever imagined.

By now I’ve shared my LASIK story with most of my friends. It excites me to tell them about the change that can happen so quickly! It’s not unlike my spiritual journey. I love telling people my story…about the person I was in high school and college, then about the few months where I really began researching and asking questions about God and faith and Jesus, and ultimately why I put my trust in Jesus. Years later, equipped with a deeper, richer faith, I’m just as excited to tell my story. I still want to yell out the window, “My life has been changed! And yours can be too!”

What about you? Where is your excitement level about your faith journey? Are you eager to share your testimony or do you shy away from it? Whether your story includes an instant, radical change or a gradual process, it is unique and powerful. God uses each of us to reach the people around us – our friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. I encourage you to find an opportunity this week to share your story with someone else. Let your experience stir the excitement of what could be in someone else’s life, as well as stir your own excitement!