Exploring the Deep

Passionately pursuing life, faith and adventure…

About Heather Anne

Who am I? What makes me unique? 
I’m a girl who passionately pursues life, God and fun. I thrive on friendship, adventure and a good cup of coffee. I love a good story. I chase after goals. I take every opportunity to dance. I love to laugh. I’m flawed but overcome by grace. I want more. I want to elicit change in this generation by sharing the love of Christ and demonstrating His changing power.

I’m a 30-something former journalist, executive assistant, small group leader, dancer, singer and actress. On the inside I’m on “pause” but continue with life like I’m on fast-forward. I believe life and faith are meant to be chased after, not things that happens to us.

What will you find at Exploring the Deep?
Real stories of joy, friendship, love, pain and life
Pictures that capture the moment
Positivity in the face of uncertainty
Grace elevated above perfection
A focus on Christ and faith as the cornerstone


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