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The first of many

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This is a first for me: my own blog (I’ve blogged on behalf of others, but never putting my own ideas and experiences down on the screen). So here it goes!

My thought behind this is to keep you all updated on what’s going on with me, especially since I’ve moved West and it seems to be a bit harder to connect over the phone with some of you! I’ll share stories, pictures, and one day (if it’s possible on blogger) videos. So check back often for new pictures from the Seattle area, stories of my adventures (you know there will be plenty), and thoughts on what’s happening in my life. It should be interesting and at the least it will keep you up-to-date on life out here.

To start, I’m on my fourth day at the new job and loving it. The people are wonderful and the work – so far – is fulfilling. I have about a 20 minute drive to the office each way from the house where I’m living temporarily. Thankfully a 20 minute commute here is nothing like a 20 minute commute in Fairfield County. My spedometer actually stays at about 70 (the legal speed limit) and the green scenery rushes by!

a view of Mt. Si on the drive home to Snoqualmie

Other than work I’m keeping occupied by exploring the area after I leave the office (my hours are 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.). Some would call what I’m doing “getting lost and getting frustrated” but I prefer the more adventurous term “exploring.” 🙂 One of these adventures lead me to a little park on the top of a hill near the house. Check out the view of the valley through the clouds. How neat!

the valley

I’m apartment shopping tonight and tomorrow…wish me luck! And drop me a line when you get a chance!


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