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long time coming…

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Ok, ok, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted. No real excuses except that I’ve been busy. To start out on the right foot, let me post this cute video of the newest addition to my house (aside from my roommate Marianne, who moved in after this furry mate). Family and friends, let me introduce you to Jasmine, stuck on my lap this evening and trying to get off. With that flexability, she should be a dancer!

The other big news: I cut my hair earlier this week. Check it out!

More posts and pictures to come this weekend, but let me leave you with these two images from this afternoon…yes, that’s snow!! And hopefully the last one until next winter. 🙂

(looking down the hallway at Eastridge)

(the view of Tiger Mountain and a lower ridge in downtown Issaquah)


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